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30 Jun 2017 8:03 PM | Paddock Watcher (Administrator)

As requested there will be a follow up to this blog 


I have been involved with racing most of my life and I have forgotten how many times I have sat around with others Jockey's, Trainers, Owners, Punters, Bookies, and Uninterested public chewing the cud over the merits of different Tipsters, Form Readers etc.

The one thing I can tell you is that like many professions in this industry Tipping selections is a thankless occupation, because if you do not continue to tip winners on a daily basis then no one wants to listen, and the person who can do that has still to be born I am afraid.

When I started this site I started to put up my SAFEBETS which is a system I have used for backing horses ever since the Exchanges came into being. The problem was that I used to do it when I new I had a very good safe way to invest money with an excellent chance of a return, even if that return was very small but with a chance of it being much larger. however when I started this site the feedback was that people would like to see one each and every day, now that is OK but consequently the returns start to drop if the winners do not keep flowing the same is the case with the Each way Doubles that I do.

As for other Tipsters/Form Readers I can guarantee 99% or more would not make a regular profit year after year, you will see plenty of lavish adverts and one in particular I know of who either has several people tipping or he has several aliases and makes a big shout over every winner, well when you have say nine tipsters and they all go for one race and remarkably all pick a different horse then you are very likely to get a big Boooooommmm after the race one way or another if you know what I mean.

There are sites like OLBG who have some good amateur tipsters on there, the thing to be careful of here is that they can get to the top of a tipping table then you start to follow them and their winning run comes to an end, worth checking anyway.

Another good tipster to follow is At The Races Hugh Taylor A very good tipster showing a profit year after year, very knowledgeable and gives perfectly solid reasons for his selections, Just need to be aware of the profits shown, they are from prices available when he places his tip. 2 minutes after, that price will no longer be available. As an example a few days ago he tipped a horse at odds of 33/1 now I could never find it at that price but Hugh must have seen it somewhere. The horse won at 8/1. To me that now gives him 25 losers to tip before he gets down to the SP of the horse, Hugh tells you himself if you back all his selections at SP you will lose money. A good system to use is to be online when he puts up his tip. Back it on Betfair, wait for the price to drop, and then lay it off, I sometimes do this just for something to do rather than the profit to be made, it is safe and almost guaranteed. He usually posts around 9:00am - 9-30. I Have inserted here 3 graphs of Hugh's tips, so that you can see how quickly the price changes and that there is money to be made.


All tips on the same day, today in fact 28th June 2017 There are others who have the same effect on the price too but I think you get the picture.

There are plenty of Free tips about without paying for them and my advice is follow a few get a feel for them look out for the Bull Shit and take your chance.

You will find more than enough on Twitter Facebook Instagram etc to keep you busy for the rest of your life. I myself cannot be bothered with all the Social media stuff, I do use Twitter but that is all and I do not care how many followers I get etc as it really does not matter to me. I am happy doing what I do and if I can help others along the way then that is fine by me.

If you are a tipster or a punter and you want a mention on here then Email me and I will answer you as soon as possible.


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